New book: Beginner’s Guide to Information Security: Kickstart your security career with insight from InfoSec experts

I’m glad to announce that I am the co-author of the ebook “Beginner’s Guide to Information Security: Kickstart your security career with insight from InfoSec experts” published by Peerlyst, Inc and it is NOW available for order on Amazon!

I want to personally thank Maria Behan for being an awesome editor and Limor Elbaz, Founder and Peerlyst’s CEO for coordinating the project and writing the introduction for the ebook. Thanks also to the other authors who made this book possible: Shamil Alifov‍,  Cheryl Biswas‍, Darrell Drystek‍, David Longenecker, Kris Rides‍, Yuri Livshitz‍, Tracy Z. Maleeff‍, Adrian Sanabria‍ and Dean Webb.


The book covers these topics:

  • Thirteen Steps for Starting Your InfoSec Journey
  • Starting a Career in Network Security
  • How to Prepare for an InfoSec Interview <– my chapter
  • Working with Recruiters
  • How to Get Started in Cryptography
  • How to Secure Your Data
  • Basic Network Security
  • Security Awareness: The “People Part” of Information Systems
  • How to Respond to a Security Incident
  • Women in Security
  • The Defender’s Changing Role

The Beginner’s Guide to Information Security” offers insight and resources to help readers embark on a career in one of the 21st century’s most important—and potentially lucrative—fields. Maybe you want to move into information security from IT, say, from a developer or system administrator role. Or maybe you just graduated with your bachelor’s or master’s degree. Whatever your education or prior experience, this book can offer you a great start, with advice from real people who are working in the InfoSec field.

It starts off with some chapters that cover ways to learn about information security, maybe pick up a certification or two, find out about job opportunities, and then, hopefully, snag a job. “The Beginner’s Guide” also delves deeper into InfoSec topics, helping readers master key skills like knowing how to protect a network, respond to a security incident, and educate users so they’re part of the security solution—not the problem. The final chapters focus on “big picture” issues such as women in security, and where InfoSec may be heading in the future.
The book’s content has been crowdsourced from members of, the independent online community of InfoSec professionals. Peerlyst users share their real-world knowledge every day and build their reputation as experts in the security space.

>>Grab your copy while it’s hot!<<


For more information see this article on Peerlyst’s website:

* The proceeds of this book (those not going to Amazon) will be donated by Peerlyst to, an organization fighting online harassment.


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Author: Fabio Baroni   Date: 2016-08-09 11:09:56

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  1. Sir I just started readng your’s really awesome.A section on pentesting and vulnerability assessment would have been wonderful though.

    1. Post

      Thank you Rahul, the book is more oriented to beginners and it contains advices on how to start a career in security but it doesn’t go into technical details. I may write another book in the future. Keep checking this website. If you have any question you can drop me an email.

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