Penetration testing course: 0x02.4.1 What is the best programming language for hacking?

There isn’t a go-to programming language that is considered the best to use, so I’m not going to simply tell you one name, there’s no such secret recipe for developing security tools. It is much wiser instead to make a comparison between the most used programming languages and be ready to some flexibility. Technologies change and so we need to adapt; besides as you learn new things, you have a wider choice than you had before. Don’t be static, allow some dynamism, be willing to learn and improve your skills each and every time you get a chance to do it.

Cracking the infosec interview for fun and profit – how not to suck and get $$ hired $$

There are many people with different backgrounds approaching the world of Information Security and trying to land a job in this field:  software developers, sysadmins, network engineers, IT technicians, even people whose formal education and previous job don’t have anything to do with Infosec. Nowadays there aren’t strict requirements in terms of education for being an Information Security Professional, everyone …